Come Fly with Us!

“This is your Captain Dennis speaking, sit tight, buckle up and enjoy our journey together! We hope you enjoyed our inflight entertainment!” A real pilot, Captain Dennis married his Stewardess wife of his dreams, Yoke Yee and held a cosy family wedding dinner last month at Clark Quay! Enjoy our coverage!




Last steps of Dakota Crescent

Like most creative folks, we relished peasant design elements and nostalgia. Taking the last steps in Dakota Crescent before it falls in the way of urban redevelopment, we tried to capture some of the last essence of this quaint estate has to offer. Axel & Felicia are two cool individuals with a great good common goal of producing awesome visual content, a goal likewise shared among us folks at 9Frames Photography! Enjoy the walk!

A theme of contrasts ///

When we spoken to Tommy & Jolene, we notice immediately that they wanted a different vibe to approach their pre-wedding shoot. A contrast of styles, a contrast of indoor and outdoor spaces and a contrast of ideas was the theme of their engagement session. we were tasked to scout for locations to help shape their vision to reality and it was really satisfying with all the layout work, and plans to bring all of this into fruition. Pre wedding shoots are always about showing the couple’s experiences and tastes, and we help blend of all this together! Thanks to the both of you, we get to unleash a repertoire of styles to bring your vision to light!