Under the hot beautiful day!

What blows my mind was this beautiful city view when I visited Shams & Pang’s home for their wedding solemnization, unblocked views of the city, grand spectacular weekend fireworks during the last few weekends, the upcoming F1 races.

What attracted me was how sweet they were to each other! The little touches, giggles and affection for each other was unweaving and I was a witness to their union. Its was simple, cosy gathering of family!

From 2 ends of the world, Pang and Shams met at a mutual friend’s party and they say the rest is history, a little of their history now resides in Singapore!

Congrats to the both of you!

Blessed Marriage!

The cosy wedding party of Andreas & Crystal

“Crystal is that type of person, who would go out of the way to make time to meet you, to plan her schedules to meet yours. That is the kind of friend she is. She is so endearing to others and always out herself for her friends!”

I have often learn so much about humanity and love from the weddings I have  the opportunity to document over the years. Very often is not the lavious weddings or beautiful people you see but the heartfelt stories you often hear from their family and friends that make a wedding memorable!

Congrats guys! Its an exciting time for the both of you! Wish you all the success and love!

Ginn + JingJin

“How is her hair?” was one of the questions that strike me the most thought? Why would a groom asked me about his bride’s hair? Turns out that Ginn had spent alot of time on Youtube to learn how to tie it and tired once before their solemnization. Thats so amazing! I can see the bond between them and deep inside The effort from Ginn touched my heart! The couple loves simple symmetry images with greenery and this is perfect setting for my coverage!

Lauren Full Month Celebrations!

Lauren’s Full month Party was held at Thus Coffee, a cosy and intimate setting for friends and family of newly minted parents, XinXiu and Tienyuan.
Great company, mouth watering spread of food and coffee, roasted in house no less, made the party a beautiful success!