A beautiful quaint wedding with Eric & Cherry in Hangzhou!

We fled Singapore to escape the humidity and was awarded with a week of cool weather in Hangzhou as we prepare to shoot Cherry and Eric’s wedding! They both love adventures and met by chance while Cherry traveled for a holiday and met Eric. They say the rest was history! I was treated to a tour of Cherry’s parents home and spared no effort to help shoot some bridals for their memories! We visited farms and lakes and it was a welcome departure from the urban greeny that surrounds Singapore.

Ivan + Amanda bridals

When Amanda and Ivan First visited us, Amanda had a strong conception on what she like to¬†achieve for their bridal shoot, I worked closely with them and tried to infuse their styles into a flow and that encapsulated into our full day 15 hour shoot around the sunny island threaten with the infamous April’s Wet/ hot weather. Ivan was a Starwars Fan and secretly has a crush on Vader. Kim looks the fashion looks and cool style icons of today and I tired to marry these into our adventure. With the great help of Lester, we set out having a great day of fun, each pushing the other’s boundaries as we set out to create our signature 9Frames multi faceted adventure. Hope you guys love what we created and may this adventure be a treasured dove of memories! PS, This is the first time my Starwars toy collection made a cameo!