Lois & Paul

I met Lois way back 5 years ago when she was a wedding planner and I was, well still the same wedding photographer for our clients Nichol & Eddy way back 26th June, haha! I think my work ethic struck a right cord with Lois and she remembered and wanted us to be her wedding photographer for her Singapore’s side of her wedding.

Both of them are easy going, relaxed but a little awkward with a camera in front of them, according to Lois! I tried my best to ease them with my personality and style and worked my way into the background, documenting the little details such as during the pastor’s services, their mothers held each other’s hands. Its was a simple wedding and I tried my best to orientate Paul’s family to Singapore’s landmarks and history on the way to the dinner venue.

Here are some images of their initiate celebration, enjoy!





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