Meiyao + Kevin family & Friends at cosy dinner reception with plentiful of fun!

What struck me deeply tonight was not the return of a long absence of event photography but rather the simple language of love and deep affection of how Kevin feels about his wife, Meiyao.

Originally plans were made to make this celebration earlier this year but the plans were halted and many guests, including Meiyao parents could not fly over to join the families to celebrate this newly weds wedding dinner.

On this day I bet Meiyao has mixed feelings of missing her family while having his husband so proudly and openly declared his love and affection for her. It certainly warms the cockles of our hearts to listen to Kevin’s conviction and to get that reinforcement from his best man Kenneth’s speech.

As cosy as the rules would allow a small number of guests, the alcohol flow freely and everyone was great spirits! Its was indeed a beautiful union and we hope the couple stays so beautifully loving in the years to come!



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