Memory Lane for ragging session!

The most memorable gatecrashing game for Peiwen & Wenxiang’s wedding was walking through their memory lane to remember where they “paktor”.

Identifying real from fake photos of their memories seem to take Weixiang’s memory on a toll. He has to identify and share with his Xiong Di and Jie Meis what they were doing in each real photo and he struggled very hard to get the events right!

Playing Arcade Games are also a huge part of their lives and the Jie Meis prepared a claw machine and put the key to the door inside and it took the weekly gaming skills to retrieve the correct prize to unlock the Bride’s gate!

We had so much fun with the party when they gamely bring their A game for poses and we “borrowed” a toy car to enhance our shots!

Despite the threat of Covid-19, everyone was in high spirits and very cooperative in taking their temperature and ensuring the event is safe and when we say high spirits, we also see the couple drown in alcohol and having a great time with their family and friends!



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