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Under the hot beautiful day!

What blows my mind was this beautiful city view when I visited Shams & Pang’s home for their wedding solemnization, unblocked views of the city, grand spectacular weekend fireworks during the last few weekends, the upcoming F1 races. What attracted me was how sweet they were to each other! The little touches, giggles and affection […]

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Ginn + JingJin

“How is her hair?” was one of the questions that strike me the most thought? Why would a groom asked me about his bride’s hair? Turns out that Ginn had spent alot of time on Youtube to learn how to tie it and tired once before their solemnization. Thats so amazing! I can see the bond […]

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Lois & Paul

I met Lois way back 5 years ago when she was a wedding planner and I was, well still the same wedding photographer for our clients Nichol & Eddy way back 26th June, haha! I think my work ethic struck a right cord with Lois and she remembered and wanted us to be her wedding […]

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